Bollygum School Visits with Garry Fleming. !

The Inspiration Behind Bollygum

Bollygum has always had a bit of magic, an ability to touch people in unexpected ways. It is only now, in its 20th year, as we take the opportunity to look back and reflect, that we understand more why… Read More

A Colourful Life – Garry Fleming’s story

Garry Fleming is an award-winning wildlife artist, author, and illustrator with 137 titles published, in more than 56 languages, making him one of the world’s most published wildlife artists. He has won several awards for his work, including… Read More


WOMBATS ‘Wombat lived in a small house under the shadow of a tall ghost gum.” A.K.A. Vombatus ursinus, The scientific name of the wombat comes partly from Latin – ‘ursinus’ means ‘bear’ – and partly from the word… Read More

Welcome to Bollygum

Story and Paintings by Garry Fleming First published by Weldon Kids 1995.   A tale of precious places and treasured friends. Amongst our forests and woodlands there are untouched pockets where time stands still. This is a story of… Read More

Bollygum Chinese edition

In 2009 Bollygum was chosen as part of the Chinese Government’s civil reading program for school children in Guangzhou. It’s a great program where the Government choose a collection of books for each age group, packs them in an… Read More