Story Outline

The meeting

Set in the Australian bush we meet wombat, a nervous content fellow that loves to fish everyday. One morning he is startled by the sound of someone crying, and discovers lost Little Possum from the city.

Wombat decides they should visit the reclusive Platypus for help, who suggests a town meeting is needed. All the creatures of Bollygum meet at the big stump and discuss Little Possum’s dilemma.

The city is a mystery for the little creatures of Bollygum, no one knows how to get there.

Frogmouth, the wise wizard castes his spell and summons the Cockatoo, who they believe might have seen the city in his travels. But then Ring-tail Possum arrives with an old map of his grandfathers which will show them how to get the edge of the bush, where the city begins.

Wombat’s compassion gives him and his friends the courage to venture beyond Bollygum, and take Little Possum back to her family. So Wombat, Ring-tail, Goanna, and Little Possum head off with Cockatoo flying above. Like every great adventure, their journey to the city is filled with all sorts of mishaps and wonders.

They reach the edge of the bush much sooner than expected as the city has grown since the map was first drawn. Although pleased they have made it to the city border, they feel the loss of the bush that is now gone.

Little Possum’s farewell is an emotional one, and the Bollygum mates return as heroes.

But Little Possum never forgot how wonderful life was in Bollygum and surprises Wombat when she returns with her family. The creatures of Bollygum celebrate with a wonderful party.

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