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“Garry Fleming is without doubt Australia’s foremost wildlife artist. I marvel at his talent. Just last weekend I looked at one of his paintings at the Morpeth gallery in the Hunter Valley. Looking directly in front of the painting I felt like I could touch the galahs and the fence in front of them. Then from across the room there was depth and perspective rarely achieved. He’s brilliant. “  Ray Hadley OAM

Garry galah painting

Garry Fleming is a wildlife artist, author, and illustrator with 137 titles published in more than 56 languages, making him one of the world’s most published wildlife artists. He has won several awards for his work, including the Royal Agricultural Society’s Birds and Wildlife Award, the Wilderness Award for Book Illustration, the Australasian Zoological Award 2000, and the Highly Commended Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Award.

Bollygum was one of Garry’s first works to be published and remains an Australian classic.

‘We were all under 30 at Weldon Kids and having a ball creating children’s product. Garry came in the office one day to show me his portfolio, a self-taught, unpublished artist in his 20’s knocking on doors trying to get a break. He walked out of my office with a contract to illustrate The Big Book of Wild Australia, that title sold 65,000 copies in 3 months. From that moment on Garry became an integral part of the team and contributed greatly to our success.  I knew Bollygum was special as soon as I read the first draft’  Leonie Weldon, Publisher.


*Wilderness Award x 2, Whitley Award, Zoological Award, Ras Birds And Wildflowers Award x 3


1990-95 – Published by Weldon Kids Pty Ltd

Written And Illustrated:

  • Big Book Of Wild Australia (First Book Published), Sold 65,000.


  • Wild Australia Calendar. Sold 35,000,
  • Wild Australia Placemats. Sold 52,000,
  • Little Book of Wild Australia. Sold 5,000

Bollygum. 1995, reprinted 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008.

reprinted by Scholastic Australia 2013

Sold Australia 125,000+

  • Bollygum Mandarin Edition. 2009, reprinted 2010. Sold 55,000
  • Wild Australia Close Up. Sold 15,000
  • The Very Ordinary Caterpillar. Sold 70,000
  • Little Book Of Wild Australia. Sold 5,000


  • Home For Christmas Sold 10,000
  • Just Imagine. Sold 7500

1995-96 HBJ Publishers   Sales 50,000


  • Dream Door Of Shinair
  • Book On Fables
  • Volcanoes
  • Natural Disasters
  • Space

1996-98 Hodder And Stoughton Sales 90,000

Written And Illustrated:

  • The Waterdragon And The Magpie Goose
  • Pobblebonks


  • Magical Ride

1996-97 Random House Sales 800,000

  • Discovery Series
  • Frogs And Toads
  • Whales
  • Big Cats
  • Space
  • Pollution
  • Under The Sea 

1998-2009 The Five Mile Press      

 Sales- Books 1.6 Million Units

Related Product. 500,000 Units

Australia and North America

Written And Illustrated:

  • Garry Flemings Animals Of The World X2 Sizes
  • Garry Flemings Endangered Species X2 Sizes
  • Garry Flemings Dinosaurs X3 Sizes

Jigsaw Books:

  • Garry Flemings Animals Of The World
  • Garry Flemings Endangered Species
  • Garry Flemings Dinosaurs X2 Sizes
  • Garry Flemings Baby Animals
  • Garry Flemings Australian Animals

Activity Packs:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Endangered Species
  • Animals Of The World


  • Garry Flemings My Amazing Animals ABC
  • Garry Flemings Dinosaur Jigsaw Box
  • Garry Flemings American Floor Puzzles
  • Garry Flemings Carousel Books America, Asia, Europe
  • DVD How To Draw Dinosaurs With Garry Fleming

Jigsaw Books:

  • Animals Of The World – Printed In Over 40 Different Languages
  • Endangered Species – Printed In Over 40 Different Languages
  • Dinosaurs X2 Sizes – Printed In Over 40 Different Languages
  • Baby Animals – Printed In Over 40 Different Languages
  • Australian Animals

Poster Packs:

  • Endangered Species
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals Of The World

The Echidna Club

  • Written And Illustrated 10 Titles In This Series. Sales 200,000 Units

2008-2009 Brimax Sales 30,000 Units

  • Layer Books X2
  • Garry Flemings Flash Cards
  • Garry Flemings Amazing Sticker Packs

2002-2008 Brolly Books Sales 90,000 Units

  • Eye Spy
  • On The Worlds Endangered Species
  • Garry Flemings Great Animal Game Book
  • North America – Animals At Risk
  • Asia – Animals At Risk
  • Africa – Animals At Risk

2008-2009 Hinkler Books Sales 100,000+

  • Atlas Sticker Book
  • Animal Sticker Book
  • How To Draw Animals Cover

Product To Date:

  • Calendars
  • Tableware, Mugs, Placemats, Coasters Etc
  • Tapestries
  • Souvenirs – Disney, Sea World USA, USA Government, NASA
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