The Tarkine

Bollygum is dedicated to The Tarkine Wilderness area in Tasmania, Australia.

The Tarkine wilderness area is located in the north-west corner of Tasmania. It is rich in unusual animals, fragile plant life, coastal dunes, moorlands, river gorges, caves, rainforest, mountains and unique aboriginal sites. All of which will be lost if not protected.


The Tarkine Poem

Around Bollygum, the wild, wide land

Is tranquil, untouched, ancient, grand

A magic world of myth and story.

But real places share its glory:

Tasmania’s Tarkine too abounds

In landscapes quiet and joyous sounds

Of creatures never seen elsewhere,

And plants and places all too rare.

Yet blows dealt by the human hand

With fire and fence and mine and mess

Unbalance things that proudly stand,

Conspire to make the treasures less.

This book is for the Tarkine, and

All precious, fragile wilderness.


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