Sydney Golden Wattle or Yellow Wattle

“The small house could just be seen amongst the yellow wattle.” The Yellow Wattle in Bollygum is also known as Sydney Golden Wattle. A.K.A. – Acacia longifolia Scientific name, Acacia longiflolia. Acacia is derived from the Greek name akakia, which… Read More

The Inspiration Behind Bollygum

Bollygum has always had a bit of magic, an ability to touch people in unexpected ways. It is only now, in its 20th year, as we take the opportunity to look back and reflect, that we understand more why… Read More

Orange Passionflowers

‘Wombat lived in a small house under the shadow of a tall ghost gum. Perfumes from his garden of orange passionflowers and pink boronias filled the air. ‘ A.K.A. Blunt-leaved passionfruit Native passionfruit Red passionflower Botantical Name:   Passiflora… Read More

Welcome to Bollygum

Story and Paintings by Garry Fleming First published by Weldon Kids 1995.   A tale of precious places and treasured friends. Amongst our forests and woodlands there are untouched pockets where time stands still. This is a story of… Read More